Friday, September 10, 2010

Getting Back Into The Swing Of Things

Happy Friday!

Just had to share these pics with all of you, taken yesterday.

My other blog abode, New Jersey Through My Eyes is back with my "Labor Day Scenes of My NJ" photo slide show. Head on over to take a look.

Like other students in our area, I also went back to hitting the books this week.
Since my Summer was derailed by my unexpected illness, I'm trying to get back on track and one of the first things I'm working on is my online Interior Design course. I'd like to finish it this Fall or this Winter at the latest.

Our weather has turned cool, breezy and humidity free! I have all of the windows & doors wide open, no fans or ac on. This kind of weather and Fall in general gets me going and inspires me creatively too. I started purging again yesterday. I got rid of 7 or 8 mugs from the kitchen (they were all chipped) and reorganized 2 kitchen cabinets. (Yes, I still have over 40 (well over 40) but I love my mugs!) Then I went to work on the books & video's in our living room and have a large pile to donate to the library this weekend.

Later this evening we're heading over to Mount Mitchell to look across the bay to see the World Trade Center 'Tribute In Lights' Memorial. Tomorrow is the 9th Anniversary of the horrifying events of September 11th, 2001. 9 years later and it still seems like it only just happened.

I've really got to get my arse in gear as I've spent the last couple of hours getting caught up online. I hope you're having a lovely Friday!

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Holli said...

I thought you had already finished that online course? Are you doing another one?

Jo said...

Nope, it's the same one. I had wanted to be done with this one this summer. I finished a different course (horticulture & landscape design) 2 years ago, perhaps you're thinking of that one?

Leanne said...

hay I stumbled on the Happy book
thought you might enjoy doing some of the challenges too.

Love Leanne

Ps LOVE your butterfly photos!!!

Jo said...

Thanks Leanne! I'll take a look at the link. (And thanks re my butterfly pics too! I couldn't believe it stayed long enough for me to get those shots).

Sue Jackson said...

Hi, Jo -

Thanks so much for stopping by my blog and taking the time to comment! Sorry to hear we have chronic illness in common.

Good for you for clearing out some clutter! That's a huge challenge for me, since my physical stamina is so limited. Also, as a book reviewer, we always have stacks of new books all over the house! I definitely need to do what you did and clear some out.

Nice to "meet" you - hope to hear from you again.


Jo said...

Sue, I'm sorry too that we have something like chronic illness in common but not sorry when something good comes out of something like this! I'm glad to 'meet' you too!

With things like purging, it feels like it takes me forever. I have to pace myself, move things a little at a time to where I can sit and go through them, put them into keep & donate/trash piles them move them little by little again to either the trash or bag them up so Hubbs can take them to places to donate for me. And them I'm wiped out! That's such a frustrating aspect of my life (taking forever to get "simple" things done).