Monday, September 27, 2010

Rainy Monday Musings

First off I'd like to thank everyone who visited my Practical Magic Blog Party post! (See prev). I had so much fun setting up & taking the photo's for the slide show then putting it altogether. And what a delightful time I've had dropping by other participants posts to see their creativity!

And now for something completely different-
For me, lugging out the Autumn & Halloween decorations is like opening presents on Christmas morning! Makes me down right gleeful it does!

I'm battling my first head cold/sinus/throat thing of the season. Been sick since Saturday but doing much better today than I was. Par for the course as they say.

We got nearly an inch of rain today which isn't enough but we'll take what we can get. (More rain tomorrow & Thurs - thunderstorms tomorrow!). Only bad part was that the humidity rose every time it Stopped raining! While raining, 70 something % humidity. When it wasn't raining, 90 something % humidity! I finally realized it wasn't me (I had a fever Sat & Sun) and turned the ac on late this afternoon after checking the weather on my cell. (Not much into day time television).

There are 3, count 'em 3, jalapeno pepper plants growing in my garden out front, in 3 separate containers, none of which I ever planted seeds for! I didn't even notice the end of last week while I was watering & caught sight of a pepper. Talk about a garden mystery! (Aka squirrel madness!) *Update: I believe I've found one more pepper plant growing out back, 9/28/10.*

We finally have grass growing in all but a few patches of the back yard! Perhaps the "third time's a charm" after all. I love watching it grow in! We'll see what happens once this coming Winter passes.

Looks as though the weather has canceled lunch plans with the gals tomorrow. It's supposed to be thunder storming most of the day. Since neither of them have a car and I can't drive again yet, we were all walking to & fro our destination down town, on the water. No need to take a chance and get stuck outside walking there or back, especially with all of the trees in our neighborhood. But we've got the book club meet up Thurs evening so not all is lost!

Speaking again of Thursday, Hubbs & I will schedule my day-stay surgery for asap in October and find out if the kidney tube comes out that same day or if I'll need a 2nd day-stay for that procedure. (Unless the test they do the morning of the initial day-stay shows the obstructed stone is gone, then surgery is canceled and the tube comes out). I cannot wait for this to be over & done with.

Hope you had a great weekend and a smooth start to your week!

Sending love, hugs & Blessings...


Aunt Amelia's Attic said...

Best of luck with your Thurs. appointment! This really caught my eye, since our son-in-law had to go to ER, late last night, with great pain. And my husband had to go over [just one door down the street] and stay with Granddaughter, till Mom and Dad got home.

'Tis a kidney stone. He got pain meds and they hope he will pass it......... No fun, as you wellllll know. Terrible pain, they say.

Hope it's all over soon, for you!!!

Gentle hugs...

Jo said...

Thanks so much, I hope it goes well too! And I hope your is feeling better and it passes without complication!

Lizzi said...

That's crazy about the jalapenos! I hope you like salsa!

Hope you're doing well. :)

Jo said...

As a matter of fact, I love salsa! They're nearly ready to be picked :-)