Saturday, September 11, 2010

September 11th

It is a beautiful Fall-like day here today, though the sky isn't as brilliantly blue as on the day that changed my world, our world forever.

Nine years have passed since September 11th, 2001 yet, for me, it always feels like that terrifying day just happened recently. As I listen to the names of those innocent lives lost, the tears come as freely as ever. It's difficult for me to reconcile the fact that nine years have passed and so quickly.

This is one of the times of the year that make me take stock in myself and my life (the others being my birthday in May, Halloween and New Years) and this year I find that I am truly disappointed in myself overall. It could be the lingering blah's from my Summer illness. For the most part, I feel like I could have done more with the time given to me since September 11th... But is that just a natural, human feeling even though you may have done the best you could with what you've had? I don't know. I need to journal on this. Hopefully that will help me to see things more clearly.

(Time to switch gears and for me to get up on the 'soap box' for a moment)

It's so important to remember and Never Forget. And not just for those of us who, for whatever reason, weren't at The World Trade Center, The Pentagon or on any of the planes used as weapons against the United States that morning and were given the chance to continue on, but for our Nation and World, who so often and quickly forget, letting history repeat itself time and time again. Unfortunately, it seems as though today is over with, many do forget again. Look at the recent events in the news here! Terrorists want us to be afraid, of one another and of those unlike ourselves, they want us to turn on one another and on those unlike us, they want to change who we are as a Country; we are supposed to be better than that but the news shows other wise. It's heart breaking.

(climbing down from soap box)

I have mentioned this day often as well as shared with you the story of my September 11th in previous years. To scroll through the posts, click here. If you're new to my blog, I hope you'll take a look at my September 11th post from 2009 to find out where I was when the world stopped turning.

The song playing on my blog today, "Where Were You (When The World Stopped Turning)," by Alan Jackson is the best and most heart felt song I've heard about what happened. It brings me to tears every time.

Where were you 9 years ago today?

The memorial candle is lit on the mantle, the names are being read on the tv, flowers to bring to the County Memorial picked out...

What are you doing to Remember today?

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A Dancing Mango said...

Thank you Jo for remembering this day.. and commenting on my art work as well.. Hugs, Darlene

Cusp said...

Great blog Jo --- came her from Jo in UK who you just found :O)

Don't think that 9/11 is forgotten even here in UK. It's not affected so many people. My partner had come back from USA the day before via NY ...been to Georigia to visit dying sister for last time. I'll never forget walking into the living room at lunchtime (here) TV on, both small children playing and thinking 'Why on earth are they showing one of those awful disaster movies on Tv at this time of day ?'...and then, of course, I realised it was real...but it was too hard to take in. The unbelievable wickedness of that act is unfathomable.

For months I couldn't get over how close my partner had been...someone who never flies normally. The more people I spoke to the more I realised what a small world it is now. I live in a sleepy English village and yet even here had two friends whose flights were turned back mid-Atlantic and one friend who was right there in NYC at the time.

We must never forget such an atrocity and all the lives and souls affected

Jo said...

You're welcome and thanks Darlene!

Thanks so much for stopping by Cusp, I'm glad to 'meet' you! Thank you for sharing your 9/11 story, especially because you're in the UK, it offers me another view from a place I couldn't possibly imagine how it was affected by that day's tragic events. I look forward to 'seeing' more of you in blogger land!