Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Autumn Tuesday

Autumn is in full swing in many areas, including where we have our weekend/vaca home in north west NJ; the foliage was just about peak this weekend. I took these photo's on Sunday. (Quite chilly too as I mentioned in this week's (Muggy) Monday Musings post). To view a photo in full size, just click on it.

I have an ideals Country Roads magazine from 1985 which I cherish. I found it at a thrift shop years ago for 50 cents. (I have a few Christmas issues and an Easter issue, found at antique shops over time as well). Unfortunately they've stopped publication. Anytime I miss Autumn, all I need to do is look through this, my favorite issue of ideals.

Today I'm going to share with you some of the poems from Country Roads.
There is orange down in the valley;
I see crimson 'long the lane.
Yellow Spreads across the mountain-
Now that autumn's here again.
There is nothing so enthralling
As a mid-October ride
To see the Master Artist's work
Enflame the countryside.
~Earle J. Grant
October Song
It's showering yellow leaves today,
The lowmost limbs are bare
And there's a lusty pungency
Like challenge, in the air.
I'll take your challenge, Autumn,
Lay down my years, my load,
To roam like a child in the woodland
And down the river road.
Then when age makes me prisoner
This zest, this tang, shall stay
And set mu old lips to singing
It's showering leaves today!
~Kunigunde Duncan
Roadside Bounty
The autumn harvest lies beside
A road we'll take one crisp, clear day
When fall descends upon our land
And takes our breath away.
The farmer's crop will be displayed
For city folks out for a drive,
And country neighbors - they'll stop, too,
To pick a pumpkin for a pie.
There will be gourds, in orange and green,
And yellow squash, some pale, some bright;
That russet-colored Indian corn
Will hang upon our door at night.
With Nature splashing fruitfulness
In blazing colors o'er the land,
It's easy to feel grateful for
The bounty of a roadside stand.
~Amanda Barrickman
Fall Fashions
I walked the lanes of autumn
On a bright October day,
And fall displayed her fashions
Of red and gold so gay.
The woodsy scent of autumn,
The haze that cloaks the hills,
The fields adorned with pumpkins -
All are autumn thrills.
I strolled amid the splendor
Of autumn's gifts to man,.
And said goodbye to summer
With memories in hand.
~Mildred L. Jarrell
Autumn Witchery
Autumn's magic pattern of
gold and scarlet flame
Is woven in the woodland
within an earthy frame.
This fascinating alchemy
has a sweet, wine-tangy smell
As autumn uses witchery
to weave her magic spell.
~Roy Z. Kemp
What is more enchanting than
October's autumn treats?
Her trees with ruddy foliage
transform our humdrum streets.
October's such a gypsy, though,
her charms we must recall;
For, once she's lost her raiment,
we have lost our fall.
~Edith Tollefsrud
Autumn's Artwork
There's beauty in an autumn morn,
Its colours, red and gold.
The sunrise casts a work of art;
Its secrets yet untold.
There's beauty in an autumn eve
When sunset shadows fall
Upon the brown and yellow leaves
Ere winter comes to call.
~Helen Roberson
With the Fall
The summer people have moved back to town;
I am alone with fall.
Grapes in the arbor are hanging down;
Woodbine is red on the wall.
Shining horse chestnuts dot the lawn;
Thorn-apple trees are aglow -
The summer people have packed up and gone.
I was glad to see them go.
The lake and the beach, trees and the sky,
The late-blooming asters and trailing vine,
The formal garden, the geese on high -
With no intruders, the country is mine.
~Bernice Kreitz Abrahamzon


JessiKay89 said...

I love these autumn-inspired posts you've been doing. Love the pictures and the poems!

I remember those Ideal magazines! I used to love flipping through them at my grandma's house.

Jo said...

Thank you Jess! Hm, at your grandma's house... That makes me feel old, lol!

JessiKay89 said...

Lol, that's not how I meant that to sound! :)

Sue Jackson said...

GORGEOUS fall foliage photos!! We went camping this weekend in Maryland, but it's still very green there and in DE. That still surprises me every October because I grew up in western NY where the foliage peaks about this time of year. Thanks for the preview of what's still to come here...


Lisa said...

Beautiful! We don't have enough different kinds of trees around here to get that much color but we go to see my brother every fall just to catch the full range.

Aunt Amelia's Attic said...

Lovely post!

If anyone wasn't in the Autumn Mood, they would be, after seeing this.

Thank you for sharing.

Holli said...

What beautiful fall foliage! I love these pics!

Jo said...

I know Jess, lol!

Aw, you're welcome Sue and thank you!

Thank you Aunt Amelia!

Thanks Holli! I love them too! :-)

LYNDY WARD said...

Beautiful Autumn Post, just not sure if this your Halloween Party link...

Please fly by for my giveaways too...
Hauntingly Yours, Lyndy

My Haunted Halloween Party Link:

Jo said...

Oh thank you for stopping by Lyndy! I'm going to give the party post link to you - it didn't publish like it was supposed to so I've just put it up!

Jorgelina said...

Lovely post!
I love these autumn-

Susan said...

Just wanted to reach back at ya! I try to avoid hospitals myself. my immune system took a beating after dealing with MRSA for over 6 months (why I am disabled) My ANA's are always a bit elevated but no RA just AO bad in spots and possibly FM on top of everything else. we are in the same boat. prayers and positive healing energy coming your way continuously :)

I camped at Stokes, forgot about that...and I have never actually spent any time in the Atlantic Highlands...I might have to take a trip. Bet it is pretty up there now!! I wish i had a mountain cabin (with heat and other amenities of course! LOL
Susan (a follower now--I also follow your other blog and have been)