Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Muggy Monday Musings

It's been an uncomfortably warm and still day here today until late this afternoon when the winds picked up and the temps dropped off. Storms with some crazy crazy lightning passed through tonight and we're supposed to have showers tomorrow. It's storming again now as a matter of fact! (I'm so glad I was done food shopping before the down pour started!)

The scent of rain always reminds me of Spring so it's a shock to the senses to inhale its' pungent scent on an Autumn evening.

Saturday was awful. Nephew.in.law's memorial service. I still can't get the image out of my head of our niece carrying her husband's box of ashes out of the funeral home afterwards.

Gentle word of advice? If you are married or in a long term relationship and/or have children, no matter how 'young' or 'old' all involved may be, please Please get some kind of life insurance! Even if it's only enough to cover funeral and burial costs, it's better than nothing, better than leaving your family in a position where they may be unable to pay for the arrangements and need help doing so. (And even if you are sick/have a disease, you can still get life insurance in most cases).

It got down right cold Saturday night into Sunday morning while we were at home #2 (up north) after the memorial service. Low 30s! Jacket, scarf, gloves, wool socks and campfire required. Not to mention turning the heat on inside. We 'borrowed' our neighbors campfire since it was late by the time we got up there and we were exhausted. It was nice & cozy sitting 'round the fire talking with them.

During the middle of the night, I woke up (and not because of my allergies for once) and had no idea why, then realized that I was hearing the winds blow dried leaves around. As I settled back to sleep, I heard a growl coming from outside. A distinct & definite growl. Likely it was either a bear or a coyote, but I wasn't getting up to go find out, lol! Hubbs told me Sunday morning he heard something walking around outside before dawn, crunching the leaves. Likely it was a bear or deer. He was too tired to get up and see what it was.

The foliage is just about at peak up there too! So stinkin' gorgeous I can't begin to tell ya! (Of course I took (oodles) of pics, this is Me we're talking about after all).

Mother's had a bad cold since last Monday. She sounded a teeny bit better today though she sounded tired. Mother was in a MOOD when I called to see how she was feeling. I should have hung up when she started off with, "I'm not trying to start anything with you, But..." but I humored here & didn't. Bad move on my part. She really does love to spread her misery. I've gotten good at not letting her bother me but I was just perturbed the rest of my day today.

I can feel that my self is truly off. Last 3.5 months finally getting to me or am I getting nervous for surgery? Probably both. I'm hoping Friday's surgery helps to change that. But I'm not so sure.

I feel different. Kind of numb. Disinterested. Disconnected. Disengaged. And I don't like it.

Tomorrow's rainy day lunch is a toss up: Butternut squash soup w/cauliflower or potato cauliflower soup. Either way, I'm already looking forward to it!

Also on Tuesday's agenda (aside from my new Autumn Tuesday post!) is laundry and cleaning/purging the bedroom so I can come home from the hospital to a nice, cozy place.

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