Monday, November 08, 2010

30 Days Of Thanksgiving, Day 8

Right now I am thankful for:
~Finally being able to see comedian Jeff Dunham live! (Well, we're not going to see him until February 2011 but that's only 3 months away and I've wanted to see him live for Years! Happy Dance!)
~Hubbs, who surprised me with the Jeff Dunham tickets when he got home from work today.
~How liberating purging feels. (I've been purging again all day, tackling the guest room/office/exercise room as well as my yarn stash).
~The blogs I read often. They're such a source of inspiration and community.
~Inspiring others (i.e. to join me in being thankful each day this November), which is just about the best compliment one can ever receive!
~Yankee Candle Peppermint Swirls candles.

What are you thankful for today?


Judy said...

I'm thankful for a few of yours...especially knitting. I had a peppermint candle once and loved it. Hope your day goes well.

Jo said...

Thanks Judy! Ah knitting, gotta love it! (And peppermint candles too).

Faerie Moon Creations said...

Oh, I love knitting! Especially scarves and fingerless gloves (they're my specialties). I made a sweater once - which came out alright - but too boxy. I need to try again. :) Theresa