Friday, November 26, 2010

Left Overs & Decking The Halls (and 30 Days of Thanksgiving Day 26 Of Course!)

While my niece and three of her best friends have yet to sleep since they got up yesterday because they left their homes after Thanksgiving dinner to go line up outside some box store and shopped all day, I relished in not leaving our house until this evening to go to a friends home for a birthday celebration. Having worked on Black Friday for many, many years, no bargain can top my delight in not having to leave the house today, unless I want to.

My annual day after Turkey Day tradition of watching Christmas decorating shows all day long on HGTV didn't go as planned - they didn't start the marathon until noon. I was quite disappointed.

Then I got the urge to re-arrange more furniture. So I spent a good chunk of the afternoon taking everything off/out of the entertainment center (purging said items) and cleaning it. Hubbs didn't expect me to do that today and his reaction when he got home was, "Well, I guess I have to move it this weekend, huh?" Heh heh! (Um, yeah, it was his idea to begin with!)

Admittedly, I was a bit down this afternoon. I'm feeling a little overwhelmed. Like a fish out of water in my life. It doesn't feel like the holidays should be here already, but having lost a good chunk of the last 5 months, Thanksgiving has now come & gone and 2010 is just about over! I was chatting with a Twitter friend during this who can relate, given some health related things she's been through, and it was comforting that someone understood what I meant without really being able to explain how I feel.

I did manage to get the livingroom windows mostly decorated for Christmas and Hubbs' head didn't explode when he got home, so it's all good!

I'm glad we got over to our friends home to see them and share some laughter. And I got to meet the new 6 week old baby girl American Bulldog in their family! I can't begin to tell you what good it did my soul to snuggle with that beautiful little bundle!

So tonight, I am thankful for friends, laughter, puppy love, the comfort of rituals and my smiles brought on by seeing all of the Christmas decorations already up all over the neighborhood!

I hope you all had a wonderful Thanksgiving and a great day today!

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Faerie Moon Creations said...

Wow - you actually got some decorating done! Good for you. Well, my hubby did put out the Xmas lights. And I did watch the HGTV ETSY special this evening. Absolutely loved all the DIY kits they featured. :) Glad you had a restful day (I too worked many a Black Friday - this is the first time I have not and I do NOT miss it one bit). :) Theresa