Friday, December 31, 2010

As 2010 Draws To A Close... (Post will be updated throughout the day)

In all honesty, for me, 2010 is ' the year that wasn't ' - months of blank pages in my planner and journals. (Makes me so sad, I've put them away).

But it's time to move on and start anew.

For the last couple of years I've focused on "Simplicity" as my overall goal for those years (my word for 2009 which I carried over to this year) and the mantra I created to go with it ("Simplicity brings Clarity brings Harmony") and I was unsure as to what my overall goal for 2011 would be; would I focus on what I had been for the last couple of years? As I've journaled on what my word of 2011 will be (since last week I've been trying to sort this out), I've come to realize that "Simplicity brings Clarity brings Harmony" has become a part of my thinking pattern and overall desire for my life so I'm moving on to "Create" as my word and overall goal for 2011 to help me focus on my writing which I deeply want to get back on track with since getting derailed since this Summer due to illness, surgeries and recovery. I will keep "Simplicity brings Clarity brings Harmony" as a main mantra in addition to one I created some time late this Summer or Fall, "Turning Upheaval into Revival" which really fits me and my life as well as a person living with disease. (So much so I've added it to my header ~ have you noticed?)

Today is our first day of not having to do any kind of snow removal. Mail delivery resumed yesterday, our first day of getting mail since Christmas Eve. The 'day after Christmas 2010 blizzard' was one hell of a storm to say the least! I'm still in shock. 3 feet of snow locally, drifts 2, 3 and 4 times as high All Over The Place. 4 days to finish digging out. It was a very scary storm and I'm glad everyone made it through okay.

We welcomed a new Grand Niece into the world yesterday afternoon; we now have 17 Grand Nieces and Nephews with #18 due in 2011.

I really do dislike New Year's. It signals the end of the holiday season and my favorite times of year. I find it kind of depressing no matter how much I'm in love with Winter. Especially this year, it all went way too fast.

I'm coming down with something, not sure what, but it seems intent on heading to my chest. We were both feeling iffy yesterday; the bad part of his being home so much when he's (seasonally) laid off is passing cooties back and forth to one another repeatedly. We're supposed to head over to our American Legion Post for the festivities but I'm not sure if it's a good idea with what ever I've got going on. (I don't want to end up seriously ill nor get someone else sick). We've already paid; Hubby says it doesn't matter to him one way or another if we go. It doesn't start until 8pm so I'll see as the evening goes on how I feel.

Speaking of New Year's Eve festivities, I've done just about all of them. I've done the Times Square thing (and it was BITTERLY COLD that year!), the house party thing (mine and other people's), the club thing, the fancy hotel party thing, the dinner party thing (mine and other people's) and I must say I've always had a better time the years I've stayed home! (Especially since being with Hubby, counting my Blessings, journaling & reading until Midnight). I had actually been hoping to get up north to home #2 to spend New Year's Eve there, but some how we (Hubby!) agreed to go to the Post, then with the blizzard and now rain coming we can't be too far from the apartment complex (home #1) in case something happens and Hubby is needed here quickly so it won't be this year. Can't say I'm not disappointed because I am, deeply, but I can go there in my heart for now until we're able to get up there.

I mentioned writing earlier in this post. I've been journaling again and so happy to be! And I've jotted down more than a few ideas for novels/stories recently and can't wait to get started on them in 2011! I've written a novel but it's not something I want to publish. I do have one copy which is in a shadow box on our livingroom wall and that's as far as it will go and I'm very pleased with seeing my name on the cover. I'm getting closer to knowing what I want my books to be and very excited to start having them come together.


Brenda said...

Snow wasn't as bad for us. We had about ten inches, but there was two foot drift in front of my house.

This year is definitely going to be a much better one for you. I am so looking forward 2011 and the gardening catalogs (got my first one today!)

The days are already getting longer, and that makes me smile.

I am glad you made it safely through the blizzard. I am hoping there is NO more snow!

Jo said...

Thank you Brenda! I'm praying it is! I've rec'd 4 so far and I can't wait to start looking at them (gardening catalogs).

Faerie Moon Creations said...

Wow - you definitely felt the brunt of the storm! Glad things are beginning to get back to normal now. I love your word for the year - I hope that you do get back to writing and that the New Year brings you nothing but happiness and health! We don't really get involved with the evening's festivities - we stay in and snack on finger foods, build a fire, and watch the ball drop. Simplicity! Happy New Year to you and yours! Theresa

Cottage Tails said...

Oh my being in Times Square for New Year would be an awesome thing! Lucky you.
Hope what ever is brewing your able to shake off.

Wishing you good health, love & abundance for 2011.
Love Leanne