Thursday, December 02, 2010

Befuddled & Bamboozled and Other Happenings

Not only is it December, but it's December 2nd. I would say, "already?!" but that doesn't even begin to describe how I feel about this fact.

See, for me, it's like last week was New Year's 2010 and I was making plans for this year, taking our annual walk in a park with Hubbs on New Year's day; yesterday it was 4th of July weekend and we were having dinner with our neighbors up north; (then we all know what happened to me that weekend); and now Thanksgiving has come and gone, it's December and my year is just about over.


I enjoyed Thanksgiving but for me it was very out of place, didn't feel like it was time to be watching the Macy's Parade and A Miracle On 34th Street. I did start decorating for Christmas the day after Turkey Day but even that felt odd.

Up until yesterday, our temps have been unseasonably warm and even humid at times with a cold day or two thrown in here & there. (Thankfully it cooled off a little for Thanksgiving, I hate having to cook & bake when it's warm). Perhaps now that the weather has turned cold, it will help adjust my soul to the proper time of year.

The other day I found tiny, spikey hairs on top of my head which means my hair is starting to grow back in! It's still falling out but seems to have eased up a little. I cut my bangs a wee bit shorter and it makes a huge difference; now how thin they've become isn't so glaring to me.

We finally had our first hard frost here on the coast Monday night into Tuesday morning and it took out the begonia's, cosmo's, zinnia's and nasturtiums. (The roses were in full bloom until yesterday's nasty rain & wind storm). The front & back gardens are done for this year and for once I'm not sad as this really was the worst year I've had in the garden since I started around the beginning of this decade. I haven't yet started to think about next year or Spring. I'll get there once Christmas has come & gone; for now I'm trying to stay in the present.

I will say there's nothing like a bouquet of dried lavender & lemon balm from your own garden to help lift your Spirits!

Well, I'm off to begin making a batch of turkey pot pies from the leftovers to freeze and try to finish Love In The Time Of Cholera for tonight's bookclub meet-up. (I'm struggling with it, it's beautiful but a little much). And there's that load of laundry waiting.


The Frog Queen said...

Hope your spirits improve :)

I do so love Maugham - Of Human Bondage is my favorite book...Love in a time of Cholera is a bit harder to read....but I do love the way he tells a story. Curious to hear what you think about it.


Jo said...

I felt Cholera was a bit much, the language started out beautiful for me but then... Just not my cup of tea!

Lisa said...

Glad to hear that the hair is growing back!