Tuesday, December 07, 2010

Early December Happenings

I couldn't get a clear photo of our sister town's tree to save my life it was so windy Friday night at the lighting!

We missed our town's tree lighting on Saturday, it apparently ended early, but we ventured out into the windy cold to see it anyhow. These pics were Hubby's idea :-)

I swear our towns' tree gets smaller every year, regardless of these pics, lol!

Looking through the gazebo to the boats now up out of the water and into storage in the marina.

Our 'main street'.

Sunday it was time to put up our tree!

Ceasar loves Christmas trees, real or artificial. Has since he was a kitten.

All fluffed out and ready for decorations.

Yesterday this squirrel was busy eating away at this pumpkin and the squash to the right (despite the gale winds & snow) which was fine with me because it meant she was leaving the bird seed & suet alone!

Our first snow arrived yesterday but it was so windy it didn't have a chance to stick to anything! I can't wait for our first true snow. I did pick out a table top (real) Christmas tree yesterday at Whole Foods and the snow & frigid temps certainly added to the festive atmosphere! I'm bringing back my tradition of having two Christmas trees, one real & one artificial. Since our artificial one is so large, I wanted a small real tree but wasn't having any luck finding one until yesterday. (Pics to follow).

Yesterday was an unexpected good day and once back home I was feeling very happy, content and Blessed. I am very thankful for a day like yesterday, I've had so few since July 4th weekend. Today would have been my daughter's 11th birthday and if not for a day like yesterday, I may not be doing as well as I am today and again, I am very thankful.

How is your December shaping up so far?

I've updated my "Currently Reading" page. What are you reading at this time of year?


Brenda said...

funny, that fat squirrel looks like he has a hat on just to brave the cold.

Faerie Moon Creations said...

Those photos of you and your hubby are so clever! Despite the wind, it looks like you had a great time. We set up our tree last weekend, too. And I am really awaiting our first snow. We had just a few tiny flakes the other day and it wasn't enough! I am so happy that you have found some happiness out of such terrible loss. Big hugs to you that you have many happy days ahead. Theresa

Holli said...

These are really good pictures... thanks for sharing what your December has been like so far!

I'm glad it's been good... I know this month is a hard one...

Jo said...

lol Brenda I know! That's partly why I took the pic. That's one of my metal garden cow's hats in the background, "fits" the squirrels head perfectly doesn't it?!

We did have a good time goofing around taking those pics! And thank you so much Theresa! (((hugs)))

Thanks Holli! It is hard but not like it used to be and I'm glad for that, especially with all I've been through recently!

BookGirl78 said...

What a big squirrel that was! Love your pics Jo. :-)