Sunday, December 26, 2010

Seeing Red

For more photo's from the beginning of the 'Day After Christmas 2010' blizzard, head over to New Jersey Through My Eyes.


Brenda said...

My cardinal family seems to have flown the coop.
Do you have a bird feeder?

Looks so pretty out there.

Judy said...

He looks so pretty sitting there up in the tree.

Jo said...

Yes, I do have feeders Brenda and we've had a flurry of activity at them since yesterday including Cardinals. These photo's were taken at a local lighthouse this morning and not at home.

Judy, there were Cardinals out all over the place when the snow started! At this particular spot there were 6 males plus 1 female. Hubbs and I just stood still for about 15 mintues watching them (me taking pics); just beautiful!

Holli said...

How cute!!

The Frog Queen said...

Absolutely lovely!


Lisa said...

Boy does he stand out! I'm surprised he's still that far north.

Jo said...

Thanks Holli and Chris!

Lisa, we have Cardinals here year round as does most of the North East. They're such a lovely sight in the Winter! (Any time of year, but especially at this time).

Cottage Tails said...

WOW the red is stunning against the snow.
Glad you feed the little fellas.

Don't have such colourful birds here in NZ

Love Leanne

Faerie Moon Creations said...

How beautiful! I haven't seen any yet this winter. They look so beautiful against the snow. Great photos! Theresa