Tuesday, December 21, 2010

'Twas the Tuesday Before Christmas

Happy Winter Solstice and first day of Winter to you! What an incredible way to say goodbye to Autumn and hello to Winter with the Lunar Eclipse. Unfortunately because we live down in the bottom of a 'valley,' the Moon was no longer visible here during the time of the eclipse. (Yes, I was up & about checking!)

Our little kitty patient Pinky is doing Much better! Thanks to my wonderful Vet who re-prescribed Pinky's steriod in pill form (the on-call Vet gave me the liquid which made him sick to his stomach twice) and who told me to put Pinky's meds (the pill, cut into smaller pieces and his antibiotic) in a saucer & mix the meds with some sardines to trick the persnickety little smart cat into taking the meds with no problem! It works like a charm! (Thank God!)

A follow up at the Rheumologist today; last month's bloodwork shows my kidney & liver functions are perfect! (Thank God!) My vitamin d is low but between my multi-vitamin and a prescription D3 of 2,000 iu's a day, it should improve quickly. My fatigue is nearly debilitating so he's put me on an oral arthritis pain management med until he feels it's time to start the iv meds again. (He doesn't believe the low d level is the main factor, it's the last 6 months, fighting an upper respiratory infection for the last 3 weeks and being off of my iv meds for so long). At least I know my iv med helps with the fatigue if nothing else. I haven't been this bad off in at least a couple of years! I'm fine then I'm literally falling asleep after doing something. (I was so tired after we were done food shopping yesterday I fell asleep on the way home!) I haven't been able to finish my Christmas knitting because in no time I must fall asleep soon after I start!

Speaking of Christmas, I'm done! No more gifts to buy or cards to mail! Went to lunch with a friend yesterday, have a longtime bff coming over Thursday morning/afternoon and another coming over for dinner Thursday evening - I can't tell you how much I'm looking forward to seeing them!

Well, honestly, I'm getting extremely sleepy so I'm going to leave you for now with a slideshow. More soon!


Brenda said...

So sweet. I love the slide show. The bird, the ornaments, the moon, everything. Lovely.

I might have to take some pics of my tree.

I love ornaments.

Jo said...

Thank you Brenda! I'd love to see pics of your tree!

Holli said...

Glad Pinky is doing better and that you are too! I know what you mean about your tiredness. I live that way every day.... it's better now that my heart function is 45% but when it was 30% everything I did exhausted me. ugh.

Jo said...

Thanks Holli, I'm glad on both counts too! This kind of fatigue is terrible, worse than usual; hopefully it ends soon!

Faerie Moon Creations said...

SO wonderful that you received good news from the doctor! Thank you for sharing such a magical slide show - I enjoyed all the photos. Happy Holidays to you and yours! Theresa