Wednesday, February 02, 2011

(Not So) Wordless Wednesday

It's a messy day in the neighborhood here in our neck of the NJ coast. The ice which coated everything this morning has begun to melt as the sleet & freezing rain has turned to rain. We're very lucky to have not lost power though since yesterday morning there has been a "digital channel service disruption" in our area with the cable; the tv's with cable boxes have no channels so we disconnected one box in order to see the news & weather channels (without the box there's no issue - no 24 hours of Ground Hog Day on Encore dernit). I'm glad that's the worst of it so far.

It's a good day to say in and, as pictured above, you can see that's what I'm doing. Curled up under my favorite quilt with Country Homes & Interiors (British Edition) & Artful Blogging and a kitty (or two, the other is out of the frame).

I don't have much of a choice in the matter as I started having bouts of extreme dizziness on Monday which is so far being attributed to the new arthritis medicine I started last Tuesday since nothing else seems a-miss. My electrolytes and sodium levels are a tad low despite being hydrated and I may (or may not) have a sinus/ear infection (no fever to speak of thank goodness!) so it's back on bed rest for yours truly.

Since the first new arthritis med I tried this year had me breaking out the epi-pen within 20 minutes and now this, I believe I will sit out anymore new arthritis meds until I'm given the all clear to resume my iv medicine.

Of course, there's the chance that the dizziness is being caused by my arthritis attacking my nervous system/inner ear/eyes or the week long infection and high fever I had last July actually damaged my heart function in some way (though bloodwork gives no indication of that as of yet) - I appreciate my doctor's honesty and thoroughness, truly, but sometimes the possibilities are overwhelming, ya know? But first bed rest, fluids (including hot broth and pedialyte to keep my levels up) and a antibiotics to try and clear any possible upper respiratory infection as well as monitoring my temperature (in case a fever starts in which case it's hospital time).

Disconcerting is an understatement.

Many "little" things are piling up in addition and I'm not handling them well at all.

I'm exhausted, overwhelmed and to be honest, scared.

But I'll make it through.

Thank God for my Husband. He is a Blessing and a life saver for me. I don't know where I would be now without his love and support these last 6.5 years. As I was wrapped up in his arms last night, I never felt more grateful.

I hope you're safe and sound whatever the weather in your neck of the world.

For now I'm off for lunch of mac & cheese and to watch my Ground Hog Day dvd.
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Lisa said...

Sorry to hear your having so much trouble. You're so right--it's nice that your doctor is being completely honest but sometimes too much information is so scary that it's not worth knowing.

Judy said...

I'm sorry to hear your not feeling well right now. Everything in your picture to me are the best things to have when your on bed rest. I'm glad you have a wonderful husband to take care of you. I'm keeping you in my prayers.
Sending a big ((((HUG)))) your way.

Jo said...

Thank you both so much!

Lisa, I agree; it was like being in the er in July and having a doctor matter of fact-ly tell me that had we waited even a few more hours to get me there, I would've been full blown septic and someone of my health would not survive, as it was I was far from being in the clear then walking back out.

Thank you Judy :-) Many hugs in return.

Faerie Moon Creations said...

I hope this note finds you in better health and spirits. Stay warm and do the things you most love...Theresa

Cottage Tails said...

Nothing like a quilt & some cats to keep you tucked up when not too good.

Sure hope this passes for you.

Love Leanne