Saturday, September 10, 2011

An Ordinary Day, Much Like It Was Then, But Is It Really?

Ten years ago today, it was the day before our lives and world were changed, directly & indirectly, by the horrific death and destruction of September 11th.

I'm fighting to keep the tears from falling, I'm not ready yet. With all of the stresses the last few weeks because of Hurricane Irene, the approach of September 11th has been too much. Unlike previous years, I haven't watched the documentaries containing footage of images that have given me nightmares all these years. I can't watch anything to do with September 11th without being completely choked up or crying, even now, 10 years later. I doubt that will ever change.

Today I'm heading down to the harbor for the annual flea market, something I always look forward to. But, unlike 10 years ago, I won't see the Twin Towers when I look across to Manhattan Island and today especially (and tomorrow during the Memorial Services), that will bring my soul to tears.
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