Wednesday, September 07, 2011

(Not So) Wordless Wednesday: Seems I'm A Bit Rusty

I used to be a teller of tales, didn't I tell many a tale? Happy adventures, sad & frustrating ones too, in the garden and out & about, of kitties & feathered friends, of things in the fog, whispers of our past, holiday & seasonal fun and so much more!

I got derailed last Summer (surely y'all remember!) and a year later I'm still not 'back on track.' Huh! Funny how that happens. Odd. There's lots of talk lately of "getting back to normal" and I realized for me, that's not the case, it's more like finding a new normal. Again! Which isn't a bad thing at all, it's something I'm used to actually given my health obstacles. So perhaps the same applies to my blog here.

Not that I won't keep sharing (oodles of) photos - y'all know how much I love taking & sharing them. But this has become more of a photo blog since last Summer and that wasn't my intention. It served its purpose though as I wasn't able to write during much of my illness, surgeries & long recovery and my photos helped me keep Diggin' Around going. But it's time for me to return DA to its pre-July 2010 self! (Or an improved version, even better!)

Summer is quickly coming to an end and y'all know how I perk up as Autumn begins to show itself; I'm feeling utterly creative and excited! (Nope, my body isn't exactly cooperating, but my mind is and that's good enough for me).

Speaking of Autumn, some delightful new Halloween friends followed me home last week! (Psst - You can catch a sneak peak of them in the slideshow in the left hand column). Oh, they're just wonderful & I can't wait to begin decorating. Because of those dearies, I've decided on this years Autumn/Halloween 'theme' of sorts: Pumpkins! Lots & lots of pumpkins of all shapes, sizes and colors. (clapping with giddy joy) And that helped me to give our coastal home a name last night while tweeting (on Twitter) with a couple of #gardenchat friends.

We've had names for our northern home since we got it in 2009: 'Home Away From Home' and 'The Cabin.'

But it wasn't until last night that I realized we've never had a name for our coastal home & we've lived here since 2006! Not a few moments later, after thinking of my new Halloween friends & a phrase I use here on DA in the Autumns, it came to me: "Pumpkin Manor - where Pumpkin Blessings abound."

I Love It! (clapping with giddy joy again) Pumpkin Manor and The Cabin. (ear-to-ear grin)

Again, funny how that happens, isn't it?!

I honestly feel like Scrooge after he wakes & realizes he has been given another chance and has so many things he wants to do, at first he doesn't know where to start! Hm, maybe I'll dance around our bedroom then stand on my head. It worked for him! He got right to business after that.

Speaking of Christmas, well, alright, I wasn't speaking of Christmas, I was speaking of Scrooge but Scrooge is synonymous with Christmas, so, well, anyhoo, I have a delightful idea for my many dried garden blooms for this coming holiday season. Hopefully it will work out and I can share the 'how-to' and finished product with you!

Well, I should wrap up for now as I've babbled & rambled along so, I doubt there's anyone left reading at this point! Oh, you are?! Why thank you kindly! I hope Summer has treated you well and I pray all of you who are dealing with weather extremes & wildfires that you & your families are safe and sound.

Until next time friends!
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curtissannmatlock said...

You sent this from your BlackBerry? Oh, my, I am awed.

I smile softly and nod through your post. Yes, been there so many times. I was just journaling this morning how I've taken so many side paths in my life, not intended. And how there are things I do because I don't face facts about my body. :)

Keep writing, Jo. You have a lovely voice. I come away heartened.

Brenda said...

So, funny.
Your blog always popped in my blog roll right on top. I did a little re-arranging and added some new blogs which I am thinking of eliminating because they are boring.

So, I purposefully went looking for your blog to see what's going on. I am so busy with work that I come home eat and just veg out. I have not even been reading.

Your blog entry was funny because I miss your ramblings. Although I like the pictures, I love the ramblings.

So, I am going to find out what is going on with my blog. I am going to eliminate the ones I just don't read and keep my favs. I realized that they are truly the ones I read because I have made a friendship with those people and I care about them.

You are one!

Glad you babbling again!

Happy Halloween!
(never to early)