Saturday, October 15, 2011

Garden Blogger's Bloom Day, October 2011

Disclaimer: My slideshow for today's post is a tad long! (Don't say you were warned :o) With winds over 40mph all day, taking pictures out in the garden today wasn't an option so I've gathered here pictures I've taken throughout the month, all of which are in fact blooming today here in my coastal Zone 7a garden. (Those few pictures of my northern Zone 6 garden are labeled). Sit back & I hope you enjoy the show!

For more Garden Blogger's Bloom Day fun, head over to May Dreams Gardens.


StarletStarlet said...

Jo, I especially love the ones that you took after the rain or in the morning with all the dews. SO FRESHLY beautiful. And your morning glory is so pretty!

AND the skull rocks!

Jo said...

Thanks so much :o)