Wednesday, November 16, 2011

30 Days Of Thanksgiving, Day 16 - One Of Those Days It's Not Easy To Post

Today I'm thankful for my husband who always is with me through days like today!

To make a long story short, I spent the better part of the day at a local Heart Center having tests to determine what exactly is going on and causing the 'events' I've been having recently. I go back Monday for an additional test, then have an appointment to go over all the test results with the cardiologist and depending on those results, I may need an additional & final test before a course of action is decided on. (Medications, etc). Until then I have to wear an 'event monitor' aka heart monitor.

It's been a tad unsettling to say the least! In the same follow-up with my rheumologist in which I found out my kidney function/levels are "perfect" (Thank God!) and I can resume my iv medication as of December 1st (YAY!) he told me it was time to see a cardiologist because he'd been able to rule out possible causes of the 'events' I've been having & since it hadn't resolved, this was
the next necessary step.

So without a doubt I'm thankful for my husband, today and every day!

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