Saturday, November 26, 2011

Better Than Black Friday is Small Business Saturday!

Better than Black Friday by a long shot is today's Small Business Saturday!

Directly support your local economy & community (and therefore your State as a whole) by shopping your local small businesses (and restaurants) today and every day! (I've gotten so that I don't shop outside of town without first making sure I Can't get what I need in town year 'round and I definitely live in 'small town' America (whether we're at home on the coast Or in the mountains) so it's not impossible to do!

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Lisa said...

We did a lot of spending at small businesses yesterday for Christmas and even rented movies last night from a local chain. However, Cyber Monday is calling me!

Jo said...

That's great Lisa! We went the entire holiday weekend without visiting a big retail chain! It was great :o) I didn't do Cyber Monday, wasn't interested!