Thursday, December 08, 2011

Musings Under A December Full Moon

I do love a Moon rise! I took the top photo from out front and the bottom photo a little later from our kitchen.

And now as I type this on my Blackberry, I'm on the treadmill in our spare room (aka my studio), looking out the windows at the twinkling Christmas lights on the homes across the street! (Funny, though, if I try to read a book while I'm on this thing I get motion sickness!) Such a pretty view! Thankfully our stockade fence to the right of the windows blocks the view from the sidewalk so we still have privacy. (Since Hurricane Irene, we've lost so many trees along the chain-link back fence from storms & the power company tree service that we'd really be exposed without the stockade section).

Yes, I'm treadmilling. Not much choice in the matter! Thankfully no heart damage was found from all of the tests the cardiologist did nor do I have afib but my heart is Very out of shape and in order to get it back in shape along with correcting a couple of other issues that showed up, I must treadmill. Starting off slow of course but I should try to do it every day but if not then no less than every other day. This way I don't cause an arthritis flare-up or hurt myself, both of which can prevent me from treadmilling regularly. Treadmilling is also the safest way for me overall to exercise at this point (for the same reasons) because of my overall health. (Our treadmill also has an ekg monitor so I can keep an eye on my heart rate).

The first time back on wasn't pleasant. Nope, not at all. Last night was good, tonight iffy as my knee is starting to hurt (so I've now stopped for today). But, since last Thursday, I've already lost 3lbs! (Something else I have to do, lose weight, a minimum of 30-40lbs to go!) One step at a time, one foot in front of the other. I pray my usually uncooperative body starts cooperating enough that I can walk my heart back into shape and lose the weight. The consequences of these things not happening down the road will be none too good to say the least.

But, for now I can officially breathe a sigh of relief, start decking the halls and enjoying this Christmas season!

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Holli said...

I'm happy to hear that your tests came back good and that you're heart is ok! That's great news!