Friday, December 02, 2011

Miracle On I-40Miracle On I-40 by Curtiss Ann Matlock

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"A journey home to the heart . . .
Lacey Bryant is the ever-hopeful waitress at Gerald's Truckstop Restaurant in Albuquerque, New Mexico, a spot that is clear across the country from her home and family in North Carolina. It has been eleven years since Lacey, pregnant and unmarried, ran away from her angry father. Now she wants to go home again. A single mother struggling to raise her own children, she longs for her father's forgiveness, her mother's sweet embrace and to share with her aging parents the grandchildren they have never seen.
Cooper is every inch a Scrooge who wants no part of traveling across country with two children, but he has promised to help out a friend, and so he loads Lacey and her brood into his eighteen-wheeler and carries them along with him on his trip down Interstate 40. As the miles roll under the big truck's wheels, it turns out to be Lacey and her children who are bringing Cooper along with them, on a journey that takes them home to the heart.
In this revised edition of a Curtiss Ann Matlock classic, readers are treated once again to a cast of lovable characters in a magical romance as sweet and tender as a Christmas cookie."
Truly a heartwarming and wonderful read at this or any time of year! Shortly after opening any of Curtiss Ann's novels, I am quickly reminded of how much I love her writing. I highly recommend this and her other novels.

This is the first book of any I have picked up in the last 4 months that I've read, cover to cover and finished! (Skimming to get to the end doesn't count to me as actually reading the entire novel). I think my reading rut may Finally be Over!

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