Saturday, December 24, 2011

A Ramblin' Christmas Eve

(Our tree - click on pic for larger view).

The last of the gifts are wrapped, the last of the cards we received are hung on the mantle, Santa's riding fire trucks in the neighboring town, the kitties are snoring under the tree, Doctor Who on one tele, A Christmas Story on another. And on the 11th day of Christmas, as true loves we gave to thee, clogged ears & possible sinus infections! Plus Hubbs has a fever. (Ah well, it's inevitable in our household really!)

All in all, it's been a bittersweet day. After filling the bird feeders & watching Little Women on TCM this morning, the blues set in. As of tomorrow, my favorite time of year is officially over until October rolls around again. Some years it hits me harder than others. With December feeling more like Spring for the most part, it hasn't felt like Christmas-time for either of us. (At least cold air arrived today!) Annual get-togethers with two of the bff's have been postponed until after Christmas this year. And this is our first no White Christmas in 3 years. (You know how I love my snow!) Ack.

Thankfully we had planned to head over to the Post to watch the Jets-Giants game this afternoon with a bunch of the regulars so Hubbs was able to get me out of the house for the afternoon. While the game was awful (seriously Jets!) we had a good time chatting & munching on appetizers. During half time I treated myself to a bag of D&D coffee and a small box of munchkins for us for tomorrow. Once home Hubbs got his train set up under the tree, we had a pizza delivered and that brought back memories of Christmas Eve growing up.

Mother never put up our Christmas tree (or any other decorations) until Christmas Eve once she was home from work. We would have a pizza delivered and decorate after dinner, watching A Christmas Carol with Allister Sim as Scrooge on tv on channel 5. After that I would watch The Nutcracker on PBS. I hated waiting until Christmas Eve to decorate but I did love that tradition at the same time, especially the years when she wasn't in an awful mood! (Mother's holiday (and birthday) moods are infamous). Some of those same ornaments now adorn a small live tree I put up in the corner of the living room. (I started a new tradition my first Christmas with Hubbs (before we were married), the big tree is adorned only with ornaments we've bought or received since being together).

And now it's time to settle in for the night, perhaps do a little reading or journaling before giving in to the sleep that never wants to come on the Eve of a holiday. Or maybe I'll try to finish the slideshow of Christmas At History House photos I took last weekend for New Jersey Through My Eyes. That should tire me out! (I took more than I remembered). We're not heading out to Midnight Mass at the Church at the top of our street like we planned with Hubbs not feeling well. (In fact, he's already snoring away).

I hope you've all had a lovely day & an even more lovely tomorrow. And to all a good night!

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