Thursday, December 01, 2011

A Sense Of Normalcy Returns!

Happy December everyone!

I know, you're looking at these pictures and thinking that this is anything but normal! However, in my case as a person living with disease, having my first iv session today since June of 2010 brought a sense of comfort I hadn't expected! I've spent much of this week trying not to worry myself sick that history could repeat itself on me - I know what happened after that last iv I had (the infection, the kidney stones, nearly kicking the ole bucket & losing my left kidney) was pure coincidence and wasn't directly related at all to the iv but worrying is my second nature! I didn't feel reassured until after I was all hooked up when I thought, with a smile, that things are Finally getting back to some kind of 'normal'! (Once I'm no longer wearing this pesky heart monitor, things will feel all the more normal!)

Normal is different for everyone and striving to achieve what's perceived as thr social norm, I think, is highly over-rated, but today I'm flooded with relief at some of My normal returning!

Today's iv session went well and I'm feeling tired, but good! (Keeping fingers crossed for the coming days). Mandatory home rest until my cardiologist appointment Saturday morning then it's back home for the rest of the day. I'm missing the evening bookclub tonight but our nephew is here with us so it's a cozy night at home watching Santa Claus Is Coming To Town then early to bed.


Lora said...

I totally get what you mean. As if you aren't under your routine/normal medical regimen, something is amiss and OMG what if something is going wrong in your body and there is no one there to monitor or catch it.

I'm glad you're finding peace through the IV drip!

Holli said...

I'm happy your therapy went well today!! That's great news!!

Jo said...

Thanks girls! Glad for your understanding & support!