Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Catching Up

Mom was released from the hospital Saturday morning. Very close call, very lucky. As of now a diagnosis of high blood pressure, under-active thyroid and strep throat/upper respiratory infection. Her heart is ok and there's no proof of a stroke though she may have had a small one that isn't showing up or started to have one but they got her blood pressure down in time to stop it. She's still having trouble talking (which could be related to her thyroid, not necessarily a stroke) but my Aunt says that's improving. She's getting a lot of sleep which I'm glad for and she's feeling a little better each day.

I'm so relieved and thankful Mom was able to stay with my Aunt! We had to leave Saturday night to head south to see my Father.in.law who's ailing (and won't improve, can only decline) and I was afraid we'd have to postpone the trip altogether because of things with Mom - and what if something happened to Dad before we got the chance to get down here? We're a day behind schedule but I'm relieved we're on the road.

Such a stressful, upsetting time! I finally started to calm down in Charleston SC on Sunday evening.

Thanks to everyone for their kind support and well wishes! So deeply appreciated, I thank you!!!
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Lisa said...

Glad to hear that your mom is on the mend with no heart or stroke problem evident. I hope your husband can have a good visit with his dad while you're there.

Jo said...

Thanks so much Lisa! We very glad we got to see him and mom is at her own home now doing well so far!