Friday, February 10, 2012

Pinky, our eldest kitty isn't doing well. We have an appointment with the vet tomorrow. (The vet wasn't in today or we'd have taken Pinky in today). I know it's time and I can hardly stand it. It's so awful, watching his decline, waiting for the sign(s) that tell me it's time so he doesn't suffer (any more than he may be already).
Pinky, my first kitty, 4 months shy of 14 years old. I was just 23 when I got him as a wee kitten. Now I'm nearing 37. And crying like a baby as my heart breaks. Again.
A year ago today we lost our Tuxedo kitty.


Lora said...

Jo, I'm so sorry. I'll be thinking of you guys. Love to you today and every day

Holli said...

I'm so sorry Jo... what happened?