Wednesday, April 11, 2012

With Such Beauty In This World... (An "Upheaval Into Revival" Post)

It is startling, and in this case, disgusting, when the ugly comes out.

When I politely asked a man who was trying to bully my elderly mother, who's recovering from a mini-stroke, into moving her parked (shut off) car to another space because He wanted to park where she was, to Stop yelling & beeping his horn at her, that she wasn't moving the car and if he didn't stop I was calling the police, this was his response: "Call Your Mother B----! Get a dye job, get a husband and your Mother should've had an abortion!"

Before he slammed his work truck door shut, I was already on the phone with the police. When he saw that, he sped off down the street.

Yes, that's exactly what he said. And she heard every word.

I'm stunned and disgusted, violated by this stranger's hate and hateful words. I did not leave the world of domestic violence behind so that strangers could pick up where my past abusers left off.

I am so tired of the negativity and nasty attitudes in this area lately. So over it. This is the straw that breaks the camel's back.

This doesn't happen when I am out by myself. (It doesn't happen when I'm out with Hubbs either, but then again, he's 6'3", 265lbs and most people are intimidated by him right off the bat so it's no surprise there). This only seems to happen when I'm out with my mother. And I'm tired of it. Her negativity is attracting negativity and I'm the one who bares the brunt of it. But, that changes today. Because I don't want that to be a part of my life. No matter whom it's coming from.

I had planned on filling y'all in on her progress with her recuperation (or lack thereof, as the case may be) and tell y'all that Dad is back in the hospital down South. But, I have to get what happened out of my system and move on first.


Melissa said...

So sorry to hear that this happened.

Jo said...

Thanks, me too! I'm still shaking my head over it honestly. That is someone who has serious issues and needs help before he hurts someone.