Wednesday, May 02, 2012

In My Garden Today: Wordless Wednesday


Jo said...

Peony bud.

Kansas Peony: Peonia China Kansas; Paeonia Lactiflora Kansas.

Lisa said...

It's been so warm here this spring, my peonies are starting to bloom already. Usually they're perfect right at Memorial Day weekend but by then this year, they'll be long since done.

Jo said...

Would love to see a pic Lisa! Usually the peonies are in bloom around here at the 3rd week of May when our American Legion Post puts the Flags on Veterans graves at a local cemetery. There are so many peonies there! And then mine usually bloom after that, about the 1st week of June. Down the street there are peonies in Full bloom right now! And at least this one is opening. Each year they take turns it seems.