Wednesday, May 09, 2012

(Not So) Wordless Wednesday: An Update

Mom's 72nd birthday was this past Friday. She's been having a rough time lately dealing with all she's been going through since her mini-stroke and she's still having speech & swallowing issues so she wasn't much in the mood for celebrating. So I got her a Boston Cream Pie cake (because it's her favorite and because it's soft enough for her to eat without a problem) and a pretty bouquet of flowers and we had cake for lunch on her birthday!

She had her speech therapy evaluation 2 days before her birthday and is right now having a MBS, modified barium swallow - in a nutshell: xrays are taken as she eats & drinks so they can see why she's having a problem swallowing. We should hear by the end of this week exactly what the plan of action will be for her therapy and she'll begin next week.

I'll tell you one thing, I am not used to Not being the patient! And I'm not used to mom not only being the patient, but acting elderly way before her time. I'm not prepared for the parent-child role reversal so soon! But, it's happening and I'm taking care of what needs to be done. This has made me realize that I don't know if she's ever been who I thought she was and it's been ages since I thought I knew and understood her. (Way before, years before the mini-stroke). The more I have come into my own over recent years, the more she's lost that. It makes me incredibly sad. I just want my mom back.

*Update: Unfortunately today's test results aren't good. She needs an endoscopy asap and then will have to have surgery.  In a nutshell, the mini-stroke paralyzed part of her esophagus.  There may not be a permanent fix however and she may need to have procedure every six months for the rest of her life.

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Holli said...

oh wow Jo... I'm so sorry to hear this.....