Thursday, May 10, 2012

When Two Become One

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It's said that God always gives you what you need when you need it and unexpectedly on Tuesday, the opportunity to combine my front garden with my garden in the back yard presented itself and I threw myself into it, with help, and was so thankful for the distraction! (To see why, click here).

It's something I've been considering for a while now, but as you know I can't do the lifting & moving, but didn't want to bother Hubbs with it given how busy he's been with both jobs and his American Legion Post recently. (He's been tired, not to mention he's having problems with his left knee again and will likely need surgery so I don't want him wrestling the huge containers). When the landscapers offered to help me, I couldn't say no!

The landscapers moved All of my containers from out front to around back, as well as the front arbor, and placed the 3 Very heavy Forsythia bushes for me where I wanted them. I spent the rest of the day shifting and placing all of my smaller containers, working everything in together and I'm very pleased with the results! Our back yard now feels "complete" (if that makes sense) and our lack of privacy along the chain-link fence since Hurricane Irene last year is no longer an issue! One of my goals has also been to make my large container garden look more like an in-ground garden vs just a collection of mismatched pots and this has just about helped me reach that goal! Hubbs re-seeded the grass for me when he got home because I was Exhausted and we were going to have decent rainfall Tuesday night through this morning.

Out front isn't completely bare of course! There are still bushes, Hostas and Day Lilies plus the Raspberries on the front porch as well as a pot of pink Wax Begonia on the table.

Nice and simple, no more going back & forth to take care of everything. With my health and physical limitations, the easier I can make things for myself as I get older, the better!


Lara Lewis said...

It looks absolutely lovely. All of your hard work has paid off!

Jo said...

Thanks so much Lara! I've missed you on twitter!