Thursday, June 07, 2012

The Waiting Game

The Southern novel I'm reading in the waiting area while Mom has her endoscopy, The Tender Mercy Of Roses by Anna Michaels, is in a word: Incredible.

"When you leave home, even if it's just to go to the Piggly Wiggly for a loaf of bread, it's possible to become somebody else. It's possible for regret to fly out the window like a blackbird and something wonderful to fly back inside and perch on your shoulder. Something with yellow wings that sings a song you heard in childhood but thought you'd forgotten."

With writing like that, it's a great distraction while waiting. For the most part anyhow. I'm definitely not liking Not being the patient and now feel awful that this is what Hubbs & Mom have gone through when I am. I'm praying it goes well, that it's easy on her afterwards and will show she won't have to have surgery on her esophagus, at least not right away, that with time and speech therapy, its' function will continue to improve (as it has been on its' own already).

Yes, her speech and ability to eat & drink have been improving on their own over the last couple of weeks which is fantastic! She does now have a hernia however, the result of the coughing & choking her improperly functioning esophagus has caused her since the mini-stroke but it doesn't hurt and the doctor said last Friday she didn't need surgery right away so we could continue with this aspect of her post mini-stroke recovery first.

One thing at a time.

12:09pm and still waiting. We were here for 10:45am but I'm unsure what time it was when they called her name. It's not like day-stay surgery at the hospital where you go with the person to the first 'holding area' as I call it, then to the 'surgery holding area' then to the waiting room and finally back to day-stay. Hubbs and I stay in the waiting room until she's finished, then we go back to see her then bring her home.

We're bringing her home with us today. The spare room is all ready for her. Whether or not I'm ready is another question!

And so we wait... 

*Update: Her test went well! It showed her esophagus is fine. (No surgery!) She does have some stomach issues which will hopefully mend with time and the help of meds.  We didn't end up going back to see her once she was done.  She came through recovery fine (out of the anesthesia) and was sent out to us to take her home.  She's been resting comfortably on our couch most of the day, watching tv & dozing, now going to bed tucked away in our cozy spare room (aka my writing & treadmilling room and the former home of two way-ward nephews plus a or two).  Next week I'll make an appointment with a surgeon regarding her hernia.  One thing down, now on to the next!


Susan Hemann said...

Sounds like a good book! Hope your MIL continues to improve.

Jo said...

Thanks Susan, Mom is doing better than expected! (My MIL passed several years ago).

Holli said...

I'm behind on reading my blogs so I'm just now seeing this... I'm glad your mom is doing well and that she's ok after all that!