Friday, August 24, 2012

Friday Favorites: Bargains

I love a good bargain, after all, who doesn't?! Being on a fixed budget though, I need to pinch pennies as much as I/we can as often as possible. I wanted to share a few with you, picked up today as a matter of fact, for this Friday Favorites!
I didn't buy any Halloween items during yesterday's outing.  This display made me happy so I had to share!
I've been looking for a new iced tea pitcher; this one came with the glasses, only $6 for the set! (Oops! Forgot to mark pic!)
I loved Katherine's 1st novel, The Physick Book Of Deliverance Dane; paid only $3 for her newest!
Yes, I still use a regular ole timer in the kitchen & have been needing a new one; only $1 for this cutie!
No idea what I would do with this (metal) box but fell in love with it...
Right now it's sitting at the foot of the mantle; $13.
I love cute & pretty blank notecards but not the prices for them usually & while these were a little more than the $1.50 Paul Deen ones I picked up last week, these were $5 (owls) & $3 (paris) with the $3 coupon organizer (to replace old one).
What are your favorite recent bargains? Share with me below!

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Lisa said...

That is a cute display of Halloween stuff - I can't believe you, of all people, were able to resist!

Jo said...

lol Lisa! I surprised myself :o) I was on a mission & Halloween wasn't on it yesterday. I have a special store in mind this coming week for Halloween though!