Friday, August 10, 2012

Friday Favorites: Pink

"I like pink. Pink is my signature color." -Shelby, Steel Magnolia's.

I love pink! (Not so shocking for those of you who know me well, I know).  Not a particular shade, pretty much all shades.  In the garden, in the home, in my clothes & accessories.  It's one of those colors that makes me Happy.  Oh sure, I love other colors too (like many shades of orange, purple and barn red), but pink is at the top of my list.  

Today, here are some of my favorite shades of pink, from pale to bordering on red, from my garden. (Taken this morning before the storms arrived).

'Autumn Joy' Sedum
'Queen Elizabeth' Grandiflora rose
'Strawberries & Cream' Hydrangea
'Rosa Radrazz' Knock Out rose

What is your favorite color? Share with me in the comments below!

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Modern Mia said...

My favorite color is yellow. But the Girls Wonder love pink. When I showed them your post, they decided they need to put more pink in our garden. We'll have to wait for spring for more pink but they'll have pink. Thanks for a delightful post!

Jo said...

That is so sweet and totally makes my day! I'm so glad you stopped by & love that you showed the Girls Wonder my post and that y'all liked it! :o) And YAY For Pink In The Garden! :o)

Hedgerow Rose said...

Pink is the best color ever! All shades of pink--especially the pale, powder pinks--no wait, I love them all. ;) Beautiful photos!