Wednesday, August 15, 2012

The Best Of Intentions & Bon Appétit!

Something wicked this way comes.
Rain & hail.
All hell breaking lose.
Back yard flooding, filling the patio but didn't get into the kitchen thankfully.
Here we go again folks!
So today was not only Wordless Wednesday but Garden Blogger's Bloom Day and Julia Child's 100th Birthday! I had a lovely slideshow of garden photos planned, all taken early this morning, for a "When Wordless Wednesday & Garden Bloggers Bloom Day Collide!" post and I was going to do a little something in honor of Julia today as well.

Suddenly, the arthritis flared in my hands & arms and it was all I could do not to let my hands cramp up into fists & cry. That's when I noticed the clouds gathering, the sky turning darker. By late morning I could hear thunder off in the distance & see that odd dark gray out towards the direction of NY (Long Island). And so the computer stayed off. I did get to watch The Chew's tribute to Julia on ABC7 without issue which made me happy. (Whenever there are storms in the area, our cable skips like a scratched dvd & usually ends up freezing until the storms are finished).

Afternoon brought ever darkening skies, clouds & thunder swirling closer, everything colored with that strange gray haze which sometimes turns green or orange and always promises a storm. I sat on the back porch (which is protected) to watch the sky & take photos. Crickets sang despite the looming danger, but there wasn't a bird chirp to be heard. The large (creepy) spider (that I've named Charlotte) which made a 2 foot by 2 foot web by the porch light was hurriedly taking the web down. When it was done, it took the web to a hiding place at the top of the patio umbrella. A few moments later, I not only saw, but Heard an eye blinkingly bright lightning bolt followed by a crackling boom of thunder that sent me back inside faster than Charlotte had scrambled into hiding!

All sorts of hell broke lose for the next couple of hours. So much rain it looked like a thick snowfall flooded the back yard. Hail, the size of peas to fifty scent pieces, banged against the windows & tore holes through foliage. Flashes of lightning and booms of thunder in every direction.

I texted Hubbs and told him I would be in the hall closet if anyone needed me. I was only half joking. I stayed in the hall, by the closet, where I could see out the front windows (through the living room) as well as the back (through the spare room). With the bathroom & our room doors closed, it's the safest area in our apartment, centrally located.

As most of you know, I'm an admitted wuss when it comes to t-storms. I have been since I was a little girl & once saw how scared my Nana was of them. She never showed fear of anything or anyone back then so if she was scared of them, it was with good reason and I never enjoyed a storm again after that! Oh I've tried in recent years to enjoy them, and at times have succeeded, but the storms this year have been so violent, they truly scare the hell out of me! And of course most of them happen when I'm home by myself which doesn't help matters any.

Things calmed down finally & long enough late this afternoon so we could grill the london broil I'd been marinating since yesterday for dinner. Shortly after we finished eating, another round passed through but it was brief and more like 'normal' t-storm thankfully since we'd gotten well over 3 inches of rain this afternoon!

Now I'm settling down with Julia Child's My Life In France, which I started reading a few days ago before I knew today was her birthday. Growing up I didn't much care for The French Chef which I remember 'suffering' through as a little girl - (when it was Nana's tv time, it was just that, end of discussion, as it should be) but in recent years I've become quite fond of Julia. What a remarkable woman! Plus, her Beef Bourguignon is a favorite in our home.

And so I leave you with a couple of my favorite Julia quotes:
"I love cooking with wine. Sometimes I even put it in the food."
"The best way to execute French cooking is to get good and loaded and whack the hell out of a chicken. Bon appétit."

Bon appétit dear Julia! And happy birthday.

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