Saturday, September 22, 2012

Welcome Autumn!

Happy first day of Fall everyone! 

My favorite, Favorite time of year is upon us and I couldn't be more excited. Even both of us being sick isn't dampening my spirits! (Pesky sinus infection & cold).  All week long I've been catching signs of the season, some of which I'm sharing here with you because they make me happy, and in honor of the day :o)
Aren't they the cutest?! Faces only a (vintage) Halloween lover could love perhaps!
Autumn sunsets are among my favorites
Yes, we're still The Garden State, more visible at this time of year than others
Now that's a whole lotta pumpkins! (They stretched outside the frame on both sides!)

Speaking of Autumn, in other exciting (and somewhat unrelated yet related) news, after many, many (many!) years of writing, I *FINALLY* have an opening for a novel! A place for it to begin. (cue squeals, jumping up & down and excessive smiling) Whether or not it leads something entirely new or a combination or new & old remains to be seen, but I'm excited to find out!  (And one day you'll find out how this news relates to Autumn!)

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Lisa said...

All of those pumpkins must have made you absolutely giddy!

Jo said...

lol They did Lisa!