Monday, October 22, 2012

Yesterday we headed over to Millford, PA to visit Grey Towers, the summer home estate of the Pinchot family. Their son Gifford was the first Chief of the US Forrest Service and two time Governor of PA.

What an incredible setting! What we saw of the grounds through our tour and just by walking around, along with the outside of the home itself, were spectacular, as were the views which looked out over Milford strait into Northwestern NJ. A little disappointing the tour only takes you into three rooms in the seemingly massive house, before going back outside; even more disappointing (to me because of my well known love of gardening) was coming to find out that the area of original garden for the house (roses, vegetables, etc) lies on a portion of the property that is still within the family (and therefore private) and is no longer in existence. There were pictures of it in one of the albums you could flip through during the tour.

Aside from the spectacular Autumn foliage & overall outdoor setting of Grey Towers, the best part of our time there was running into our coastal town's former library director and having a rushed yet joyful hello! (Which I do think annoyed mine & Hubby's tour guide, but apologies! I couldn't not break away for a moment when I saw her! She is one of the most delightful & wonderful people I've ever known). Of all the places to run into someone who lives in the same small town you do?! We couldn't get over it!

After watching the sun come up this morning, we spent some time doing errands and then after lunch Hubby re-sealed the roof and we broke down the area I've tried making into a garden since 2010. One of those nice, productive days at home. Next year I'll try something different, in a different spot, most likely in containers as our soil here is too full of bedrock to do much in the way of digging. I've made a good go of it in the spot we worked on today, to no avail, but I'm ok with that! We'll see what Spring brings. In the meantime, I'm enjoying the beauty of this Autumn!
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