Wednesday, November 07, 2012

30 Days Of Thanksgiving (Days 1 through 6)

I am getting a late start on my 30 Days Of Thanksgiving posts thanks to a Hurricane named Sandy so it's time to play a little bit of catching up.  This has become an annual tradition for me here on Diggin' Around that I look forward to each year and it's ever so much more meaningful this year after seeing the utter & heartbreaking devastation locally & state-wide because of Sandy.  I invite you, regardless of your location, affected by Sandy or not, to spend this month appreciating your blessings, whatever they are, big and small, with me daily.

November 6th - I'm thankful for the right to Vote which so many around the world don't have and thankful Hubbs & I have made a point of going to vote together since we've been a couple. I used to look forward to voting when I was younger, was even excited to do so. As I get older, it weighs on me more & more. But, I gladly & with appreciation exercise my right to vote (in every election from local to national).

November 5th: I was so thankful my doctor opened one of his offices to make sure those of us who needed iv's, injections & prescription renewals got them, especially with the nor'easter coming.

November 4th: Thankful to do what ever I personally can do to help, though it may seem small to me or not enough in the scheme of things, it's what I can do and I know it'll help someone.

November 1st, 2nd & 3rd: So so thankful for faring batter with Sandy than we did Irene & counting all of our blessings (that's a given for every day through the rest of this month) and so thankful that all of our family & friends are okay (in spite of some suffering awful losses).

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