Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Living With Disease: Standing Up For Yourself And Your Healthcare

To whom it may concern:

After over half an hour of trying to reach your office this morning and only getting the answering service message, (despite calling after the starting time the office picks up calls per that message). I stopped wasting my time. I was calling to tell you that because of a phone call I received last night from "____" - who rudely tried to force me to make an appointment for an office visit and when I wouldn't basically accused me of seeing another ____________ - which I am not - I want it noted on my chart/account that I do Not want to be contacted by your office again because of that phone call and in the future if I need to see a ____________ again, because of that phone call, it will not be Dr. ________. (And if that happens, any new ____________ will request my records). I am not receptive to such attitudes and feel they have no place in my healthcare. (Or anyone else's for that matter). -Jo...

This is a letter I wrote and mailed this morning because the phone call I received last night made my blood boil. I've had my misgivings about this particular doctor because his 'bedside' manner is awful. He has no idea how to interact with patients and despite his being thorough & knowledgeable, he rubbed me the wrong way from the start and made me (and my husband & mother) uncomfortable from the get-go.

However, I've done what he told me to do and over the last year, I have come a long way in those areas of my health and I'm proud of it.  (It has been anything but easy, as anyone with chronic illness can imagine).

That phone call from his office last night though put the proverbial nail in the coffin. I have too much respect for myself and have been fighting too long for quality doctors in my life to take that kind of treatment from anyone in healthcare anymore. (Before 2004, that likely wouldn't have been the case, but that's a story for another time). I do not have the energy for such negativity.

And I believe everyone, healthy and otherwise, has the right to demand the same.

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maddyrose said...

You must be seeing the same doctor I was. I handled it in pretty much the same way and I must say, "Good for you!"

Jennifer said...

Hi Jo! My Aunt suffers from fibro as well as the after-effects of an injury suffered at work many years ago. Because of living in constant pain, she has to visit the doctor frequently. I can not tell you how much our family can relate to these issues. From doctors who don't look over your records, to ones who end up getting charged with serious offences. It seems as though there are very few doctors out there who truly do it to help people.

You absolutely have the right to demand better healthcare and to deal with a doctor who you feel respects you and whom you are comfortable with. I'm proud of you for writing this letter. Here's hoping you find a physician who suits your needs and cares about his/her patients' wellbeing.

Jo said...

Thank you both so much! This is why I write my Living With Disease posts, so that others know they're not alone, so that others know it's not just them and so that those who aren't ill but know someone who is can learn what it's like for that person and even be better able to support them through it all.

Hedgerow Rose said...

You go girl!

garden girl said...

Good for you Jo. No one should have to put up with rude, arrogant medical providers or office staff. I've taken similar action when warranted.