Sunday, December 23, 2012

The First Days Of Winter

Happy Eve before Christmas Eve!

I spent much of yesterday, the first full day of Winter, nursing an awful migraine and drinking copious cuppa's of tea while going between our bed & my favorite chair in the living room (where I can gaze upon all of the Christmas decorations).

 But the day wasn't a loss: I posted my 24th Adventures In Gardening column on The#gardenchatBlog! (Next Saturday is my first anniversary of writing my column for the blog!)  I also caught the first glorious moon-rise & sunset of Winter.

This morning, after watching CBS News Sunday, a longtime Sunday morning tradition, we got out for a long walk at one of our favorite local parks.  I was resistant at first, wanting to stay snuggled in as the kitties were under the tree this morning.

Feeling the cold air and hearing nothing but the wind, our feet on the ground and at times the river sloshing against the banks was exactly what I needed! Especially with this darn migraine still lingering.

So many people were out in the river clamming!  I've seen low tide here before, but never so many out in it, wading around, clamming.

We did some last minute Christmas shopping in town afterwards and then Hubbs made a delish dinner of homemade chicken cordon bleu and then fixed my inflatable Snoopy & his doghouse so he can fight the Red Barron once again!  (Often it truly is the simple things that bring us the most joy!)  We were going to see The Hobbit at the theatre downtown, but we were too tired from our walk & dinner!  Maybe tomorrow or the day after Christmas?  Now it's time to settle down for the night to either read or journal before bed, though I know sleep may not come easily since tomorrow is Christmas Eve!  (I'm finally excited for Christmas time!)

How have you spent these days of Winter?  For those celebrating, are you ready for Christmas?

Peaceful Blessings...  

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