Saturday, December 08, 2012

The Joy Of Home: Decking The Halls

We spent the first part of this dreary afternoon at the doctor's office & pharmacy because yours truly has another nasty sinus infection. After we got home, Hubbs got started on making the 20lbs of chicken wings we're donating to one of the local VFW's we go to often for football Sunday tomorrow and I decided to get cracking on getting the Christmas tree up.

 'Course it took me the rest of the afternoon and a better part of this evening to get from the top photo to the bottom, because I was moving in slow-mo, but I'm just happy it's up and lit! Christmas lights, especially multicolored lights, are my favorite part of this season!

Since our first Christmas here in 2005, our tree has always been in front of the living room windows, which hasn't been an easy feat since re-arranging the furniture a couple of years back. This year I do not want to feel cluttered. (In previous years, it felt cozy. This year it would be too much).

This is an odd time right now, here in NJ (post Hurricane Sandy) and personally as well; it's been hard for me to get into the swing of things this season. The thought of trying to squeeze the tree in at the end of the couch (so it could be in the window) and having to move the rocker & coat rack again to do so did not appeal to me in the least. So, I went with an entirely new location for the tree this year, along side the entertainment center and the rocker & coat rack remain in their usual places.

I couldn't be happier with it!

You can't tell from these photos, but along with some holly garland, I added multicolored lights & red ones too, because the pre-lit frosted white lights are just too bright at night! I only have those lit during the day through sunset. Then at night, the multi's take center stage!

Now to finish decorating it...

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