Tuesday, January 08, 2013

Beginnings Start With Endings: Part 2

As many of you know, I have a second blog, a photography blog, which I originally began as New Jersey Through My Eyes in 2010.  I started off with gusto, but lost steam and reached an impasse with the blog quite some time ago.  But, (there's always a but), I haven't wanted to let the blog go.

I recently started toying around with the idea of changing the name, hoping it would re-inspire me and open up my possibilities for the blog.  This morning, while journaling after breakfast, I started jotting down different possibilities for the new name keeping "Through My Eyes" part of it to tie the original focus of the blog with the new.

Through My Eyes From My Camera?
Through My Eyes From My Heart?
Through My Camera?
From My Camera?
**Through My Eyes 360**

As soon as I looked at Through My Eyes 360 on my journal page, I had a Charlie Brown "That's It!" moment and immediately I left the table for the computer!

NJTME is now Through My Eyes 360 at http://throughmyeyes360.blogspot.com/

360 as in 360* (360 degrees) because I want to share from every angle.

I'm excited to get posting!

"New Jersey Through My Eyes" will now be a label/category over at Through My Eyes 360 as it's been here at Diggin' Around.

Funny, I've been wanting to change the name of Diggin' Around off & on for a couple of years and here I am changing the name of my other blog instead!  I did add a new, 3rd part to my byline here on Diggin' Around: Through The Muck To Find The Beauty ~ Turning Upheaval Into Revival ~ Bloomin' Where I'm Planted and I'm happy with that, so at least for now, Diggin' Around stays.

Where are you feeling stuck creatively?  Have you tried journaling about it to see if you can find a creative solution to get you moving forward again?


Louise Bradford said...

Sounds like you've found some new inspiration for your other blog! Looking forward to it.

Jo said...

Thank you Louise!

Judy said...

Good for you Jo, I like the new name. I almost deleted my through my lens blog a few times, but just can't seem to do it.