Sunday, February 03, 2013

The Joy Of Home: Comfort Food

As I wrote this last night, the world outside was turning royal blue as the sun set behind gray, snow filled clouds that were ready to burst any moment. The candle lamps brightened the windows with their warm, flickering glow the darker it become.

I've been missing my father-in-law a lot recently and this week I decided to make what I call his tomato garbanzo bean stew. He made it for us the first time during his visit in 2006 and left me his recipe. That tiny, handwritten slip of paper hasn't left the bulletin board just outside the kitchen since.

I've changed the recipe up some over the years, adding two cups of low sodium/low fat chicken broth and a palm full of parsley. I use whatever pasta I have on hand. I tend to buy pre-shredded extra sharp cheddar cheese because it's difficult & often painful for me to shred my own because of my arthritis. And this week, I added a few healthy dashes of curry powder.

It's not for everyone and I must admit I have to be in the mood for it specifically in order to make it, but it's comforting. He liked this dish, enjoyed making it for us. And I suppose it's a way to feel closer to him now that I can no longer pick up the phone and give him a call when I miss him.

Perhaps, though, we make/eat certain things when our loved ones are missing us, not just when we're missing them.  Whenever I crave coffee and Stela Doro breakfast treats, I say my Nana must be channeling through me again (because those were two of her favorite things which I normally don't eat).

What comfort foods do you make/eat when you're missing a loved one?

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BS said...

Your stew looks really good and I hope to make it in next week or two!

Jo said...

I hope you'll enjoy it! You can add a little sugar if it's too bitter from the tomatoes. You can even add fresh or canned (low sodium) corn to it as well.