Wednesday, March 27, 2013

While Spring Emerges, We Do Too!

I can't share the top photo of my holding those shells enough!  I adore it and I adore those shells! The colors make my heart sing!

After breakfast Sunday morning, Hubbs and I went for a walk on one of the few local area beaches that wasn't closed by Hurricane Sandy.  They did sustain damage, but it wasn't as devastating right in that immediate area as it was around it.

Funny, or should I say, odd how that happens, isn't it?

Hubbs found the first of these shells and together we found the rest.  I have an extensive collection of this type of shell (and many others!) from various local beaches and I'm never not amazed at the differences in their colors just from one beach to another.

I believe they are called, or at least nicknamed, 'Round House Shells.'

It wasn't exactly a Spring-like weather day on the beach Sunday morning, but it was sunny and Hubbs & I have missed being able to roam the beach this Autumn & Winter as we have in the years since we moved here.  Hurricane Sandy closed our favorite local beach (as well as others) or literally took away smaller ones we've frequented. It's the first Winter since 2006 that we haven't gone exploring on The Hook.  We're not much for the beach when it's hot & humid!  But, neither of us wanted to go back home just yet.  We needed to be outside, even if the winds were awful!

For more beach walk photos, click here.

Yesterday and today have been more Spring-like in the way of temperatures and my garden is beginning to emerge from its' Winter slumber!  The Snowdrops have been in bloom along the back fence since last month but now the Crocuses are blooming!  Bleeding Heart and Peonies are poking up through the soil and there are buds on the Forsythia.  Y'all know I love my cold weather months, but I am ready for warmer days and being able to spend time outside not bundled up against frigid winds.  I was able to spend time puttering around the yard in the morning and while Hubbs grilled dinner and I was able to take a short walk yesterday too, thankfully, because I felt I *had to* get out of the house for a while.  (I do spend way too much time at home, more than I'd like to, but that's life with an uncooperative body!)

For more garden walk photos, click here and here.

How is Spring emerging in your neck of the woods so far?


Louise Bradford said...

Beautiful photos! I love your shells. Wishing you lots of warm days :-).

Jo said...

Thank you Louise! Such a sight for sore eyes they are :-)

Lisa said...

Those shells are lovely! Wish I had a beach to collect shells on!