Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Southern Lit Lovers Happenings Newsletter

As many of you know, I love Southern Lit!

I have a Southern Lit Lovers group on Goodreads and I recently created a Twitter for it as well.  Today I decided to share here the monthly Happenings Newsletter I send out to members when it's time to ask for new group read nominations as a way to get the newsletter visible in a more creative way than via a Goodreads message.  Perhaps it will even encourage a few of you to join me there! I invite everyone, member or not, to click and see what we're all about.  

Southern Lit Lovers Happenings, April 2013 Newsletter
It's that time again!

And what time is that you ask?

It's time for (May 2013) group read noms!

Please read my initial post in the thread before posting your noms here.

Our April read & chat of Silver Sparrow by Tayari Jones is going on now!  Click here to join us.

If you're new to Southern Lit Lovers, please click here to drop in and say "Hello!"

Are you on Twitter?  Well so is Southern Lit Lovers! Follow group happenings and other postings about Southern Lit & reading in general by clicking here.

We've got lots to chat about in the following sections:
Classic & Gothic Southern Lit
Genres Within The Genre
Set In The South, but...

What are you currently reading, just finished our bought recently? Southern and other genres, share those titles with us here.

Want to share your day to day, your time in the garden or talk about your other hobbies?  We have a section for that too! Click here to connect with fellow members.

I can't wait to see y'all over at the group!

Moderator, Southern Lit Lovers

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