Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Getting to know Gertrude on this Wordless Wednesday

If slideshow doesn't show up or begin automatically, click here for the online album.

New camera + new rose = Many photos... Many, many photos!


Hedgerow Rose said...

So, so gorgeous!
We used to have Gertrude but she got too blackspotty so I removed her last summer. (I hope you don't have that problem!) I loved looking at these photos; she really is a beauty and the scent--so heavenly!

Jo said...

Thank you! I've sequestered Gertrude lol and am keeping her in the black spot free zone on the opposite side of the garden over near the patio instead of putting her in the main garden. I don't want to risk her getting the black spot from the others. The main garden seems to be doing better but I don't want to risk it. (The corner garden seems to be doing better finally too thankfully).