Wednesday, June 05, 2013

Living With Disease: Acceptance Equals Victory Not Defeat

It's not a big thing, at least not for someone who is a normal, healthy folk, unlike myself. Our yard isn't large, as you can see from this photo (there is grass out of sight, but not much more), and taking care of the grass, along with my garden, has been very, very important to me. (Excuse the bare patches. With our wacky weather and cooler temps, I've held off on re-seeding).

But, as time has passed, cutting the grass has become more and more difficult, not to mention more painful, for me to do. Now my arms literally shake for two days after cutting the grass and hurt for a week.

Due to re-landscaping at the other end of the property and subsequent widening of both of our gates, the landscapers now have to come through our gates with the mowers to access the back end of the property. They could have fit through the one gate with their old machines, but knew I preferred to take care of our section and let it be.

The idea of them coming through our yard with machinery alone had me anxious. They're not the most careful folks. To say the least. In fact, they've given me fits over the years because of their carelessness. But, there was no choice in the matter. We live in the apartment complex Hubbs is the Resident Manager of and when you don't own where you live, some things are beyond your control.

Hubbs showed them how to open the newly installed larger gate and told him while our smaller one was being extended, it would have the same latch it's had. (He's as tired of replacing the both gate latches as I am). Their big mowing machine is too large to use in our yard because there isn't room for it to turn around to go back and forth. But, the smaller mower, and obviously, the weed wacker, are and so on their way back out through our gates, they cut our grass, likely being more careful than usual because they knew both Hubbs and I were watching them.

They did as good of a job as I would do. And when they left, I was so relieved that it went well and it was done. That whole 'weight lifted off my shoulders' and what not.

And that's when I realized: Acknowledging and accepting help when you need it is not a defeat, it is a victory.

This is a small, yet huge step for me. I know there are other areas in which I need help. But, this is a start. One step at a time.

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