Friday, June 07, 2013

Living With Disease: A Sigh of Relief

While awaiting of the first tropical storm of the 2013 season to make landfall here today isn't exactly the most relaxing way to spend the day, the letter carrier delivered something of a bright spot amid the clouds and rain.

A few months ago I wrote about how I was under review (my health more specifically) and about the utter strain it put on me (click here). Today I received a letter in the mail, enabling me to quit holding my breath and breathe a sigh of relief. My benefits will continue. (And I will be reviewed again in three years but I'm not thinking about that again right now).

Thank God! We could not make ends meet without it and I've been in a near panic over the what-if's. I am so relieved. To the point of tears.

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Louise Bradford said...

So happy for you Jo. What a strain you must have been under while waiting to hear! Happy hugs :-).

Susan Hemann said...

Oh my dear I am so relieved for you. I know what kind of anxiety you were talking about, I have been there myself. Bad enough being sick then to worry financially. Ugh

Jo said...

Thank you Louise!!!

Thank you Susan, I know you know all too well!

Lisa said...

Great news, Jo!

Jo said...

Thank you Lisa!