Sunday, June 09, 2013

Saturday Scenes: Keyport Garden Walk

These are just a few of my favorite photos from today. I've yet to go back through the ones I took with my Polaroid digital camera so there are more to be shared for sure! (These here were taken with my BlackBerry).

Thankfully the upwards of 6"s of rain from Tropical Storm Andrea (Thursday through the wee hours of this morning) didn't dampen the beauty of the gardens I saw today (or the ones I will see tomorrow from what I heard). There's barely a petal left on my own roses here at home!

Keyport is a beautiful community my husband and I spent a lot of time in (before we met and after), having lived minutes from it before we moved roughly 13 miles south along the coast back in 2005. While I was out & about exploring a few gardens, Hubbs dropped by the grand re-opening of the American Legion, where we used to be members, which was damaged by Hurricane Sandy this past October. I met him there when passing rain cut the garden walk short for me. (Trying to hold my tiny umbrella in a way that I could shield my camera from the rain proved to be too frustrating).

Afterwards we took a short walk along the waterfront then headed to the other side of town for drinks with friends when I wasn't able to keep walking. (Sometimes the ole feets swell up when I'm walking around, despite frequent breaks, especially when it's humid).

An unexpectedly emotional, but very good day!
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