Sunday, June 09, 2013

Sunday Scenes: Keyport Garden Walk, Day 2

I went back for more today! More gardens on the Keyport Garden Walk that is. Above are a few of my favorite photos taken with my BlackBerry. (Going through the ones on my Polaroid begins tomorrow!)

Yesterday was humid and very cloudy, not to mention full of drizzles. Today it was sunny. And hot. Very hot! I forgot sunblock. And wore a tanktop. Thankfully, I'm not as sunburned as I thought I'd end up being. For the most part. (My shoulders wouldn't likely agree at this moment). The heat did get to me fairly quick. And, of course, the ole feets swelled up again. (And, of course, I forgot my flip-flops to change into).

But, I met a lot of nice people & gardeners, from all backgrounds and got to take a peak at properties and homes I've only ever dreamed of which was so much fun! I was a little surprised (and honestly, disappointed) there weren't more roses in the gardens I visited, (can't help it, I love me some roses) but that's not to say I didn't enjoy the variety of plants and styles overall! I loved seeing everyone's unique way of using their unique spaces.

Between yesterday and today, at a quick glance, I checked off 22 of the 41 gardens on the map! Big thanks to Hubbs who today drove me to certain points around town so I wouldn't have to walk too far to see the gardens I wanted to!

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