Wednesday, June 26, 2013

What's In A Name?

Off and on throughout recent years, I have debated about whether or not to change the name of this here blog.  To something that feels more... Me.

Diggin' Around was originally Just Diggin' Around.  Because I didn't know what direction anything was going in at the time.  I dropped "Just" when I realized it seemed to diminish any seriousness behind topics or intentions.  (Like I was just messing around).

After nearly kicking the ole bucket in 2010, I considered changing Diggin' Around to Upheaval Into Revival, because that certainly seemed to fit me at that time, but thought "revival" might have too much of a religious tone to it (giving a different impression of why I changed the name), so I kept that as a column title/category instead.

Ever since I changed the name of my gardening memoir column, which appeared on Connect*Share*Grow, from Adventures In Gardening to The Portable Homestead earlier this year, (click here and scroll down to Spring Cleaning Inside & Out), that name has felt more and more like home, because, well, it is our home.  While I am settled where we live, and have made this our home, we are portable because we don't own where we live.  Especially in my gardening posts here, I refer to our home and my garden as The Portable Homestead.

I wouldn't be changing anything else on the blog.  I will still be posting about the usuals: My health, reading, writing, photos, gardening and so on.

So it looks like Diggin' Around is changing and will soon be known as The Portable Homestead!  Good grief I'm nervous about the change though.  I may not have been overly happy with the name(s) I've given this blog, but this is a huge change and therefore, for me, scary. And what will happen if one day we finally own our home and land?!  (I know, deal with that if and when it happens, not now, but y'all know I can't help but worry.  It's what I do).

Likely, once I change the actually address of the blog, you will have to re-follow me via my Google followers widget in the right hand column, in addition to re-following by email, which is why I'm giving y'all a heads up now.

Out of curiosity, what are your thoughts on this big name change? I'd love to hear from you!    


Louise Bradford said...

Whatever the name, I will still be reading and enjoying your blog :-)!

Jo said...

Yay! :-)