Thursday, July 25, 2013

A Writers Journal - Comfortable Creativity

I should have known when I started switching things up in the spare room earlier this month, it would once again become our Home For Wayward Nephews. Thankfully this was not to be an extended stay and the No Vacancy sign has been unplugged, taken down and put away for now.

My wheels began turning when I discovered the small coffee table, pictured above, outside our gate a couple of weeks ago. Because our side fence runs along the area for bulk pickup for where we live, and up to an over-grown power company right-of-way alley, stuff is often dumped here. And it's not always a case of 'one mans trash is another mans treasure' by a long shot. I discovered it when I went to put recyclables in the bins and loved it immediately! I had no idea where I was going to put it, but knew it would be snatched up by pickers before noon, so I brought it in the yard, closing the gate behind me. A few days later, t-storms were imminent, so I brought the table into the spare room so it wouldn't get ruined by rain, still not knowing where I was going to use it!

After nephew returned home, I started getting the room back together & organized last week into this one and realized that not only could it be used as a coffee table for the sleeper sofa, it could be my new writing/laptop table! And that's when this area of the room finally came together.

It's also when I finally decided to part with the vintage metal top table I'd been using (albeit it infrequently) as my writing table. Well, sort of. I'm keeping the vintage metal top, but I'm getting rid of the mismatched wooden base (which isn't likely the original base for the metal top anyhow). The top will be stored in the basement until we find (or Hubbs builds) a better functioning base for it.

With my arthritis and fibro related issues, it's hard for me to sit (or stand or walk) anywhere comfortably for any length of time, even in my own home. Maddening! I am constantly distracted by how I feel physically. (Especially when I have a migraine on top of all the rest, but that's another issue entirely). With the height of the table and the fluffy Owl pillows at my back, I'm able to sit on the sofa comfortably to write longhand or use my laptop, both of which I was doing yesterday and today. If sitting up becomes too much, I can stretch out on the sofa for a bit. I still have to get up frequently and move around every 10-15 minutes or getting up will be extremely painful (that's not going to change), but it's nice to be a little less distracted than usual for a change.

An opening paragraph for a recent novel idea, notes on a new novel idea I just came up with last night and musings on another I've had for many years... So much is flowing! Retreats, daughters, the beyond, journeys and Nana's... Exciting!

The room has an entirely different feel to it now and all it took was a freebie find and some rearranging!

How do you make yourself more comfortable when you create?

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