Wednesday, July 10, 2013

In My Garden Today: Gertrude Jekyll

It's a (not so) Wordless Wednesday here at The Portable Homestead and that is because Ms. Jekyll, a David Austin rose, has begun her second bloom! I'm pleased since I only just bought her as a birthday present to myself the third week of May and she finished that bloom before mid June.

She's already more than doubled her height! I was afraid the slight touch of black spot & powdery mildew she's come down with would hold her back. Perhaps she's competing with Queen Elizabeth (grandiflora) who is now seven and a half feet tall!

From the lovely, delicate pink color, to the ruffled petals once a bud opens fully, to the utterly enchanting scent (heavily traditional yet not overwhelming), I adore this rose!

For more photos of Gertrude, click here.
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